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Bodhi Torque was created to enlighten and awaken your natural presence, since inception in 2010 the realisation has come to pass that nature itself is love in essence, and to awaken to your natural presence to awaken that which in the deep of your soul essence is one with the love of your heart, thrill of your spirit, majesty of consciousness and coolness of being 'YOU" ...fully realised with Passion

Love and absolute abundance


Monday, September 20, 2010


Evolution = no it u lovE right, so Love your life and live it to the fullest

I plugged creating massive wealth into to google and did a search, before sharing that with you though the journey to get here has been bodhi torque, here's an excerpt from Bodhi

..."I like to think of bodhi torque, as a return to the force within, that force being love, so you could think of Bodhi torque as enlightenment at speed !!"

go to the web address in this video if you enjoy and see for yourself just how magical you can be, ignite your wonderousNESS....

...happy thoughts and blessings Stephen